Notification of TEST 2015

YUASA SYSTEM has decided to participate in ‟TEST 2015″ in Tokyo. We will exhibit 15 types of test machines which correspond to evaluation tests of several materials. Small desktop test machine which is best-selling item can test endurance test of 5 different motions by changing test jig. In addition this, it corresponds to various types or shapes of materials, like linear and flat. Maybe you can find the best test machine for your test. We will be waiting for your visiting, and please stop by our booth to check our test machines.

Tokyo Big Sight, West Hall (Booth No:T-07), Japan
Exhibition Term
September 16-18, 2015
Exhibition Hours



  • Bending Test Machine [φ150 Faceplate](TCDMLH-P150)
  • Bending Test Machine [Centripetal Clamp Faceplate](TCDMLH-C2BR)
  • Torsion Test Machine for Linear Object(TCDMLH-TW)
  • Tension-free Torsion Test Machine for Planar Object(TCDMLH-FT)
  • U-shape Sliding Plate Test Machine [4-lanes type](DLDMLH-4U)
  • U-shape Sliding Plate Test Machine(DLDMLH-FU)
  • Tension-free U-shape Folding Test Machine(DLDMLH-FS)
  • Rolling Test Machine for Planar Object(DLDMLH-FR)
  • Linear Reciprocating Unit [Demonstration Machine]


  • Tension-free Bending Test Machine for Planar Object(TCD111L-TFB)
  • Z-shape Bending Test Machine(SSD01)


  • Bending Test Machine [Tension-free Bending Test Type, Bending and Torsion Test Type](TC222LR)
  • Conductor Resistance Measuring Equipment
  • Tension-free Torsion Test Machine for Planar Object(TC111L-FT)
  • Endurance Test System within Climate Camber [Tension-free U-shape Folding Test Type]

If you have any questions please ask us.

E-mail : info@yuasa-system.jp
TEST 2015 : http://www.cnt-inc.co.jp/test/