Desktop Model Endurance Test Machine
Rolling Test

Using an object such as flexible displays, as well as cables and fibers, your original “Roll to Roll (R2R)” tests can be conducted.

Attachment - Test JIG -

Rolling Tes jig

The rack and pinion actuator system repeatedly rolls up and unrolls a test piece by rotating and reversing a roller.

Rolling Test jig
Rolling Test jig

Specify roller sizes from ø5 - ø100mm.

Rolling Test jig

The Needs of Rolling Test

Using a “R2R” manufacturing process, this machine provides evaluation tests as to a roll-up tension during rolling up and a friction between test pieces.

R2R Process

R2R (Roll to Roll) is a manufacturing process of producing electronic devices such as liquid crystal panels and solar cells at high throughput and low costs. It prints organic EL elements or circuit patterns on a roll of flexible material like plastic substrate or film that is transferred one roller to one another.

Rolling Test jig


Rolling Test

Completed Assembly(Approx. 40kg)

A safety cover is available for the flexible area as an option.
No weights are included.

Rolling Test

Rolling Test

Rolling Test

Flexible setting for rolling up

This machine rolls up a test piece at both normal rotation and reverse rotation.
Additionally, you can freely change the roll-up capacity by adjusting the operation stroke.

The Tilt Clamp as an excellent holding

The driven clamp flexibly moves along with the vertical
movements of a test piece to reduce damages from the clamping part.

Test Pieces
Planar Test Piece
  • Flexible Displays
  • Organic Electroluminescence Devices
  • Barrier Film
  • Flexible Printed Circuits
  • Flat Cables
  • CE Marking