DMLHB-FS-C / DMLHP-FS-C (Cartridge-type)

Desktop Model Endurance Test Machine
Tension-Free™ U-shape Folding Test

The bending load is applied by having one side of the sample move straight towards the other side. The sample only receives bending load so there are no applied tension or friction.

  • tension Free
  • Friction Free

Attachment - Test JIG -

  • Basic Movement
  • Jig Movement

Issues During General Folding Test

When conducting tests with equipments shown in the below diagram, a large tension occurs on the sample when the test starts. The cause of this is clear when drawing a circle with radius the same length as the sample on the movement track of the test machine, shown on right. As shown in red in the diagram, the length of the sample is too short against the movement track of the clamp. If one uses a rod, this becomes more apparent. This causes the unexpected breaks and disperse in the test results in actual tests.

Tension-Free U-shape Folding Test Jig
Tension-Free U-shape Folding Test Jig


Tension-Free U-shape Folding Test Jig

Completed Assembly(Approx. 24kg)

A safety cover is available for the flexible area as an option.

Tension-Free U-shape Folding Test Jig

Technical Document, Laboratory Automation


Tension-Free™ U-shape Folding Test

Technical Document

Tension-Free™ U-shape Folding Test

Tension-Free U-shape Folding Test Jig

Tension free test

It is possible to fold without tension for planar objects like films and FPCs.

Ideal bending test

This machine can form ideal bending shapes by the elasticity of test pieces, or tiny one by guide plates.(patented)

Sample evaluation during test

It is possible to evaluate by microscope without take the sample from test machine by using cartridge attachment. The whole cartridge attachment with sample can remove from test jig.(patent pending)

Test Pieces
Planar Test Piece
  • Flexible Displays
  • Organic Electroluminescence Devices
  • Barrier Film
  • Flexible Printed Circuits
  • Flat Cables
  • CE Marking