Desktop Model Endursnce Test Machine
U-shape Sliding Plate Test

This machine realizes profitable tests for planar objects like flexible displays.

Attachment - Test JIG -

Single-lane Test Jig

Folding test pieces in U-shape to clamp, the output axis reciprocates the lower clamp back and forth.

U-shape Sliding Test
U-shape Sliding Test

Small bending radius

U-shape Sliding Test


U-shape Sliding Test

Completed Assembly(Approx. 24kg)

A safety cover is available for the flexible area as an option.

U-shape Sliding Test

U-shape Sliding Test

U-shape Sliding Test

Clamping to wider test pieces

A test piece from 215mm in width to 3mm in thickness is available to test. Under the same thickness, this machine also tests at a time the two or more objects whose total length is up to 215mm.

Free test conditions

This machine offer you a large variety of flexible tests in which you can select a fold radius between 0.5 - 5 - 80mm in the case of 0mm objects in thickness, a stroke between 0 - ±60mm, and a speed between 10 - 90r/min.

Visible test

By using a transparent holding plate, test pieces are checked easily.

Test Pieces
Planar Test Piece
  • Flexible Displays
  • Organic Electroluminescence Devices
  • Barrier Film
  • Flexibie Printed Circuits
  • Flat Cables
  • CE Marking