Desktop Model Endurance Test Machine
Bending Test / Φ150 Faceplate

Using an object such as cable, harness, element wire and fine line as well as belt-shaped objects up to 30mm in width, various bending tests are conducted quickly and easily.

Attachment - Test JIG -

Bend Radius:10mm (Accessory)

A two-piece set of bend radius jig (mandrel) holds a test piece and bend it.

Bend Radius:10mm (Accessory)
Bend Radius:10mm (Accessory)

Bend Radius:40mm (max.)

Maximum bending radius is R40mm, operating range is up to ±180°.

Bend Radius:40mm (max.)
Bend Radius:40mm (max.)

It is possible to change the bend radius from 2.5mm - 40mm.

  • Bending R2.5
  • Bending R30


Bending [Φ150 Faceplate]

Completed Assembly(Approx. 19kg)

A safety cover is available for the flexible area as an option.
No weights are included.

Bending [Φ150 Faceplate]

[DMLHB-P150 / DMLHP-P150]
Bending Test / Φ150 Faceplate

Bending [Φ150 Faceplate]

A wide range of bending tests confirming to JIS

Based on JIS, this machine offers many different tests such as cable tests using weights. Moreover, belt-shaped objects like FFCs and FPCs up to 30mm in width will be tested.

Free bending angle up to ±180°

A test piece and operating angle determine an operating angle. (ex.ø2mm Copper Wire : ±90° → 120r/min / ±180° → 60r/min)

Connector test without bending radius

Please ask us about the clamp jig.

Bending [Φ150 Faceplate]
Test Pieces
Linear Test Piece…
  • Cables (Electric Wires, Optical Fibers)
  • Harness
  • Cable Guides
  • Tubes
  • Wires
  • Fibers
Planar Test Piece…
  • Flexible Displays
  • Organic Electroluminescence Devices
  • Barrier Film
  • Flexible Printed Circuits
  • Flat Cables
  • CE Making